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Build and run web-based apps

  • Build full-fledged apps which combine workflow processes, forms and data records management into web-based userviews
  • Web-based, drag-and-drop, wizard-style interface
Web-based UI

  • Inbox (task-based web interface) for end-users
  • Userviews (front-end web interface) for end-users
  • Web-based console for administrators and designers
  • Multi-language support
  • Quick Edit mode to allow administrators and designers to identify and modify apps directly from the front-end user interface
Easy deployment

  • Processes, forms, datalists and userviews are packaged into apps for easier management and deployment.
  • Easily import and export apps
  • Download apps from the Joget Marketplace
  • App versioning
Workflow management (BPM)

  • Design/model processes with Workflow Designer
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • No client-installation required (uses Java Web Start in the web browser)
  • Execute processes with human tasks and system tools
  • Monitor running and completed processes
  • Integrate with external systems using plugins

  • Build web-based forms with Form Builder
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • No client-installation required (fully web-based)
  • Flexible form layout and configuration
  • Wizard-style property dialogs
  • Extend form element types using plugins
  • Support for multiple configurable data binders in a single form to load and store data
  • Extend data binders (sources) using plugins
  • Mobile browser support
Data lists

  • Build tabular data lists which support sorting, paging and filtering with Datalist Builder
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • No client-installation required (fully web-based)
  • Support for configurable data binders to load data from various sources
  • Extend data binders (sources) using plugins

  • Build front-end end-user UI for apps with Userview Builder
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • No client-installation required (fully web-based)
  • Combine forms and datalists in a userview to support CRUD (create,read,update,delete) operations for data management
  • Support for configurable userview design themes
  • Extend userview functionality using menu type plugins

  • Supports a dynamic plugin architecture to achieve extensibility and adaptability of product features. Any kind of integration that is not yet available as a standard feature can be accomplished by developing a plugin, without breaking the fundamental core of the product.
  • Open API – JSON and JavaScript APIs to enable integration from any Web platform
Plugin architecture

  • Supports a dynamic plugin architecture to achieve extensibility and adaptability of product features. Any kind of integration that is not yet available as a standard feature can be accomplished by developing a plugin, without breaking the fundamental core of the product. (Plugin Comparison)
User management

  • Manage users, groups and organizational charts (organizations, departments and reporting structure)
  • Integration to external directory systems can be achieved through plugins

  • Platform independent – can be installed on any operating system that has Java support, which includes Linux, Solaris and Windows.
  • Database independent – Various databases supported e.g. MySQL, Oracle 10g and SQL Server 2005.
  • Developed in Java using the latest proven technologies e.g. Spring, Hibernate and Maven, but the open JSON and JavaScript API allows for easy integration with any web-based technology e.g. PHP, .NET
Enterprise Mobility

  • Join the mobile revolution and enable your customers, employees and users to access your apps on the go.
  • Apps are automatically optimized for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), with a mobile user experience including look and feel, page transitions, some offline capabilities, etc.
Enterprise Directory Management

  • User, group and organization integration to LDAP or Active Directory servers
Enterprise Form Features

  • Additional form elements for enhanced form functionality – Selection of multiple records via lookup, and a more flexible grid that are linked to popup forms for data entry.
Enterprise Data Management Features

  • More flexible tabular data lists or reports – JDBC data binder provides support for custom SQL to external databases.
  • Simplified CRUD support – Enhanced element that simplifies the creation of CRUD (create,read,update,delete) functionality.
  • More relevant task inbox – Data list inbox provides support for displaying workflow tasks together with form data for clearer presentation to end-users
Enterprise Process Features

  • Enhanced deadline functionality – Support for calculation of process deadlines and service levels based on actual business days
  • Service Level Reports – Built-in support for displaying process service level (SLA) information.
Enterprise UI Features

  • Additional end-user interface (userview) themes
Enterprise Reporting

  • Support more complex reporting requirements through integration with the popular open source reporting platform JasperReports.
Enterprise App Generation

  • Greatly reduce the time to market for your apps.
  • The App Generator greatly accelerates the building of an app by allowing administrators to rapidly generate a base app directly from a form. It can generate lists, CRUD (create-read-update-delete) pages and an approval process.
Enhanced Security (v4)

  • Password Policies
    • Password format
    • Initial password method
    • Validity period
    • Reuse policy
    • Timeout management
    • Lockout mechanism
  • Password Storage
    • Enhanced password encryption
  • Credentials Management
    • Password creation
    • Changing password
    • Forgot password feature
  • Support for Simultaneous Internal and External Directory Managers
Enterprise Support

  • Peace-of-mind with full support from the Joget team
  • More Details
License Open Source (GPL) Commercial License, 3 users free
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