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How to Build a Mobile Webapp with Joget Workflow in 10 Minutes

Empower both business users and developers to visually build and maintain apps.


Joget v4 – Running the App as an End User

In this tutorial, we will be going through some of the sample applications in Joget as an end user to learn the features available in Joget.

NOTE: The default administrator login is admin/admin.

You will be learning the following:

  • Login to Joget Workflow v4.
  • Search for specific Apps in the App Center.
  • Learn about the functionality of Joget (Form, Datalist, Userview) through the sample App – HR Expenses Claim App.
  • Learn about the Workflow Process feature of Joget by going through the claim Process using various participants and users in the App.
  • Learn about another sample App – Simple CRM.
  • Learn about the mobile view of Joget Workflow v4 by accessing the same Simple CRM App.

Joget v4 – Designing an App using the App Generator

In this tutorial, you will be learning the following:

  • Create a new App in Joget Workflow v4.
  • Create a new Form in the newly created App.
  • Design the Form with a few basic form elements such as a Text Field, Date Picker, and Text Area.
  • Complete the App design with a List, CRUD and Approval Process by using the App Generator feature.
  • Go through the completed app design.
  • Manage the Userview created by editing its content.

Joget v4 – Creating a Travel Request App (Part 1/2)

In this tutorial, you will be learning the following:

  • Create a new App
  • Create a new Form
  • Create a new Datalist
  • Create a new Userview
  • Publish App

Joget v4 – Creating a Travel Request App (Part 2/2)

In this tutorial, you will be learning the following:

  • Create a new Workflow Process based on the following:-
    Approval Workflow Process design
  • Map a process participant
  • Map a process activity
  • Create an approval Form
  • Configure an Email Tool plugin
  • Deploy an App
  • Introduction to the Admin Bar and Quick Edit mode


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Next Steps

Video tutorials to cover more advanced features in the Forms, Datalists (tabular data management) and Userviews (end-user UI) will be coming soon. In the meantime:

A subscription based service that offers Joget Workflow Enterprise to small business on the Cloud.


BCC Lesmo

We are developing quite "good things" with Joget Workflow. I have to say that we are completely satisfied with both the product and the support service.

- Walter Ghislandi, Operations Manager, BCC Lesmo,...
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