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Effective 27 May 2014, Open Dynamics has transferred the intellectual property rights to Joget Workflow technology, which includes the specifications, software, documentation and related content to Joget Research Inc. (JRINC). Under the agreement, JRINC will become the sole owner of the Joget Workflow technology and continue to ensure its availability and distribution.

JRINC has appointed Joget Inc. (JINC), a JRINC fully owned subsidiary, to be its master licensor to maintain and continue to develop the Joget Workflow software, as well as hosting and managing the accompanying reference content like the website, community, marketplace, translation, blog, translations, support and related social media accounts.

Open Dynamics will revert to a partnership agreement with JINC to provide Joget Workflow related services such as R & D, support and training to Joget Workflow customers globally.

Joget Inc.

Staying competitive in today’s high-powered, on-demand business landscape means recognizing the day-to-day challenges of organizations and integrating the right skill and creative approach to meet them effectively. Joget understands that and always tries to find the better way. Leveraging more than 30 years of combined experience in software design and development, this team of enthusiastic professionals is committed to developing open source software solutions that help organizations generate operational speed and increase productivity through business workflow processes that can be captured and managed easily and intuitively.

Joget’s flagship product, Joget Workflow, is an award winning software, with customers from all over the world in 21 countries and 21 community-contributed language translations. It is an open source platform to easily build enterprise web apps.

Joget provides training, support, consultancy services and partnership opportunities for Joget Workflow, a robust commercial open source platform to easily build enterprise web apps that can serve as a pivotal factor for today’s bustling businesses.


To increase efficiency by making automated workflow simple and affordable to every organization in the world


  • To conduct continuous research and development on Joget Workflow related technologies
  • To promote and develop Joget Workflow user and development community
  • To train, support and educate businesses on Joget Workflow related activities
  • To grow and develop a network of partners knowledgeable on Joget Workflow


  • Enterprise Licensing
  • Enterprise Support
  • Enterprise Technical Coaching
  • Enterprise Training


  • OEM Partnership
  • Development and Implementation Partnership
  • Training Partnership
  • Enterprise Support Partnership

A subscription based service that offers Joget Workflow Enterprise to small business on the Cloud.


Kaplan Singapore

Kaplan Singapore achieved significant progress towards paperless operations by converting 16 IT forms online using Joget Workflow. We have built complex workflow apps that handle multiple approval flows with SLA tracking implemented....
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Joget Marketplace

Check out our Community Contributed section in the Marketplace and Community site.