Joget DX 8

Joget DX 8 takes the powerful and feature-rich Joget No-Code/Low-Code platform to a whole new level. Joget DX 8 is designed with a special focus on bringing capabilities to create unmatched user experiences and aesthetics. With a one-click Security, Performance, and Governance audit, Joget DX 8 allows industry-leading application management capabilities to its users.

Designed with a Focus on User Experience (UX) and Governance

At Joget, we believe that the pace of innovation is key. So, we are rapidly moving forward and the next generation release is here – Joget DX 8!​

​Joget DX has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with users describing it as simple, intuitive, easy to use, and with a low learning curve. The core focus of DX 8 is on enhanced User Experience (UX) and Governance (Security, Performance and Quality Assurance), making the platform even more accessible to users with diverse competencies and backgrounds.​

What’s New in UX?

Redesigned ​App Center

Joget DX 8 comes with a beautifully redesigned App Center, with additional features specifically designed for citizen developers and administrators. Best of all, the App Center itself is a Joget app, so it can be customized to suit any organization’s needs.

Accelerated Development with App Templates

Joget DX 8 introduces App Templates, which provides a quick way to rapidly kickstart app development based on pre-existing solutions. The templates are parameterized, so they can be easily adapted for different use cases when required.

Administration Dashboard in the App Center

In the Joget DX 8 App Center, there is a new Administration Dashboard that provides an overview of the entire platform. With this, administrators will have access to a summary of the apps, usage and performance for monitoring at a glance.

List Views

Joget DX 8 supports list templates for different visual presentations using modern, customizable card or list layouts. In this latest update, end-users can personalize lists directly from the front-end UI according to their individual preferences.

Enhanced User Experience with Background Menu Loading

In addition to caching options, Joget DX 8 now automatically generates and updates the UI in the background, thus greatly improving end-user experience.

Card View and List Templates, Allowing for Different Presentations

The List Builder now supports templates, allowing for different visual presentations. Joget DX 8 will provide an option to display data using modern, customizable card or list layouts.

Single-Page Applications (SPA)
and More Responsive
User Interface

There is now built-in support for Single-Page Applications (SPA) to dynamically display page content fast and easy without reloading the entire page.

Dynamic User Interface
Page Components

The Userview Builder is expanded with support for Page Components that allow developers to further customize individual pages and add information tiles to display pertinent information.

Integrated Process ​Design
and Mapping

The usability of the Process Builder is improved by seamlessly integrating process configuration within the Process Builder, instead of separate configuration screens in previous versions.

Intuitively Redesigned ​
Visual Builders ​and
Enhanced Property Editor

Redesigned builders with a new App Composer and enhanced Property Editor, to consolidate all app components into a single view with different device views for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Property Assistant for
Hash Variables

Joget DX 8 provides a built-in Property Assistant, which is a popup guide to help formulate hash variables to display dynamic data in apps, directly within the builders.

Data Model ​

Data modeling is simplified by transparently managing data relationships through the Form Builder. ERDs are automatically generated in real-time to enable developers to easily visualize the data relationships.

Database Optimization and Recommendations

App designers are now able to manually add indexes to keys directly from the visual data model. The platform will automatically provide recommendations on database optimizations to guide non-technical users.

No-Code ​Database Wizards

No-code Database Wizards are now available for external database integration. Instead of dealing with SQL code, developers can now visually configure database connections, queries and updates.

App Plugin Dependency Checks

In Joget DX 8, the new App Composer will detect missing plugin dependencies when moving between environments to prevent unintended app configurations.

What’s New in Governance?

Health Check Report and Alerts

Joget DX 8 will provide automated governance health checks and alerts to aid compliance in critical enterprise areas such as security, performance and application quality.

Performance Audit

By default, Joget DX 8 will include checks for CPU and memory usage, as well as response times and database connection utilization to help identify potential bottlenecks and resource leaks.

Security Audit

Joget DX 8 will further enhance the security of the platform by including security audits in terms of user authentication, user interface access and process participation.

Quality Assurance Audit

Joget DX 8 will include checks to detect unusually high error rates and data integrity for running processes, and a check for naming conventions to improve the maintainability of developed apps.

Integration with the Governance Center

Joget DX 8 will integrate with the upcoming Governance Center, a centralized portal to manage and monitor Joget installations, apps and developers within an organization. This will provide a clear visibility into the status of larger-scale citizen development initiatives.

And the Governance Center itself, will be a Joget app that can be customized to meet your individual business requirements!

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