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How to Build a Mobile Webapp with Joget Workflow in 10 Minutes

Empower both business users and developers to visually build and maintain apps.


Joget Workflow v4 Tutorial

Learn how to develop a full business process app using Joget Workflow.
For a tutorial on Joget Workflow v4, check out the videos on YouTube v4_screens


Joget Workflow v3 Tutorial

In this v3 tutorial, see how we can build a claims management system. The following image is the process diagram of the workflow in the Claims App.


Joget Workflow v3 – Part 1 – Process Design Tutorial

NOTE: The default administrator login is admin/admin.

In this tutorial, you will be learning the following:

  • How to add workflow activities and system tools to your processes.
  • Set asynchronous or synchronous deadlines to send reminders if task is not perform during the specified time or to escalate a task to the next approval level if not perform in the predefined time frame.
  • Set activity and process level Service Level Agreement (SLA) to monitor the workflow to ensure that tasks are performed within the accepted time frame.
  • Add and modify route and parallel route conditions in your workflow.
  • Map participants to the swim lane.
  • Set the workflow variables for routing your process.

Joget Workflow v3 – Part 2 – Form Design Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will be learning the following:

  • Creating form and mapping the form to a process activity.
  • Using subform to populate existing form into form design.
  • Generating Reference Number in the form.
  • Using Form Grid element and Multirow Form Binder to handle multi-row/grid form data.
  • Map form value into Workflow Variable to dictate the process flow.
  • Automatically populate form field using hash variable.

Joget Workflow v3 – Part 3 – Form, List and Userview Design

In this tutorial, you will be learning the following:

  • Adding a Calculation Field into the form.
  • Creating a Datalist.
  • Creating a Userview by integrating the process, form and lists.


Next Steps

Video tutorials to cover more advanced features in the Forms, Datalists (tabular data management) and Userviews (end-user UI) will be coming soon. In the meantime:


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