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Be a Joget Workflow partner and enjoy advantages that can give your business the edge. If you sell, service, support and/or build solutions using Joget Workflow, here’s an overview of the benefits of our partnership programs that may be suitable for you.

Each level of our partnership participation offers a broad range of customized benefits that can help match growth strategies with market opportunities and contribute to the overall success of our partners as well as the increasing number of quality businesses aligned with Joget Workflow.


Partnership Level and Their Benefits

Description Accredited Parner OEM Partner
Annual Fees Contact Us Contact Us
Partners’ Knowledge Base Yes Yes
Web Directory Listing Yes Yes
Support Subscription Yes Yes
Reseller’s Discount Yes Yes
Training @ Joget Workflow’s Locations Yes Yes
Online Presales Support Yes Yes
Marketing Support Yes Yes
Leads Sharing Yes Yes
Full access to Joget Workflow Training materials Yes Yes
Able to copy protect their Joget Apps (which is their intellectual property) to prevent unauthorized distribution Yes Yes
Entitle to a single copy of the Cloud Edition of Joget Workflow that supports multi-tenancy when it is released. No Yes
White Labeling Services No Optional

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Joget Workflow reserves the right to revise the Partner Program specifications without notice. Joget Workflow’s Partner Program rules are subject to change. Void where prohibited by law. Other terms and conditions may apply.


Calendar Of Events

Come join us on November 27-29, 2018 at the Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit 2018 in Las Vegas, USA.

Attend our breakout sessions and let us show you how we can give you a faster, simpler digital transformation.

A subscription based service that offers Joget Workflow Enterprise on the Cloud.



We delivered a Joget Enterprise Edition based system to one of our customers in 2014Q1 (500+ users, 200+ forms), after carefully evaluating many other workflow systems. The main decision criteria were... Read More


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